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Home for Children

Home for children

Home for children

A 24 bed dormitory project to house illegal immigrant children ranging in age from 10 through 17, this project took an existing, but gutted, 1920’s historic building in Mid Town and transformed it into a home for children waiting for deportation. The Home was to be a sanctuary in the sense that if not housed there, the children would be incarcerated in detention camps housed with adults. Here, they receive classroom instructions, home cooked meals, and recreational opportunities, all in a home-like environment. In other words, they can still live as children while awaiting deportation. The lengths of stay range from a couple of weeks to 6 or 7 months.

We worked with the various stakeholders from the Catholic Charities organization including those from the administration, the Facilities Director, the director of the new home, the staff, and even had input from the end users, the children. We creatively arranged spatial and sequential functions to address the tight available square footage and were successful in including all the items from the programmatic “wish list”. We designed with security in mind, and arranged spaces so that monitoring of children at all times is ensured and unaccompanied exit would be impossible. We designed the building to withstand a category 3 hurricane force, provided additional and emergency power, and allowed for increased occupants if and when necessary. We selected finish materials with consideration to maintenance and durability. And finally, we chose colors with children in mind and would, hopefully, lift the spirit and bring delight to all those who enter.